What Is Computer Programming and Programming Language

What Is Computer Programming

What Is Computer Programming

What Is Computer Programming

You must be aware that Programming Language is a medium through which we give Instruction to computers to work. In this article I wil explain What Is Computer Programming and Programming Language.

Programming Language Instruction has a set. If you want to know more about Programming then for this our post Programming Languages In Hindi Must read from beginning to end.

The computer executes the Instruction given by us and gives us the correct output and we know as Programmer, Programmer, Developer, Coder and Software Engineer who do Programming on computer.

The special language that the programmer uses to write the program is called Programming Language like – C ++, Java, C #, Php, Javascript, SQL Etc. Through this post, we will tell you about Computer Programming In Hindi.

What Is Programming?

Just like we can complete our work by understanding each other’s language, in the same way if the person in front does not know our language, we cannot ask him to do his work.

Let’s prepare a program to give instruction to the computer and this program is a set of instructions to be given to the computer.

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What Is Computer Programming Language?

The computer does not understand our language, in this way, Programming Language is a medium, which we use to explain computer or say in simple language, we use Programming Language for computer to communicate.

What Is Machine Language?

There are many types of Programming Language and the language which the computer understands is called Programming Language Machine Language is the language which is written only in Binary Code, in which only two digits 0 and 1 are used.

The circuit of the computer understands these binary codes and converts them into Electrical Signals. Machine Language is the basic language of the computer that the computer directly understands, in which 0 means Low or Off and 1 means High or On.

Machine language is simple for computers and difficult for a programmer because it is more prone to mistake.

Types Of Programming Language:-

The computer does not understand our language. The computer understands only Binary Language (0,1). Programming language has two types.

1. Low-level language

It is of two types:

Machine language
Machine language was used in first-generation computers, so it is called First Generation Computer Language. The computer only understands machine language. It understands two numbers 0 and 1. The computer would understand these Binary Codes and convert them into Electrical Signals. is.

Assembly language
Assembly Language is a Programming Language in which Mnemonic Code is used in place of Number Signs. Assembly Language is also a Machine Language in which 0 and 1 Code is used.

But at the same time Special Symbol is used, it is very difficult to understand machine language, so to make it a little easier to understand, Assembly Language has been created, Symbol is used in it with 0 to 1.

But the computer understands only 0 and 1, so the translator that is used to convert Symbol into numbers of 0 and 1 is called Assembler.

2. High-level language

High-Level Language is the language in which the program is written using English Words, Numbers, and symbols, it is easily understood as High-Level Language.

You may be thinking that if the computer understands only 0 and 1 Numbers, then how will it understand this language, then for this, Compiler is used. Compiler will convert all English Words, Numbers and Symbols from High-Level Language to Machine Language. is.

There are also two types of High-Level Language:

Third Generation Programming Language

In this Programming Language, the work of Computer Programmer became easy, now with the coming of this language, the programmer did not need machine language and assembly language nor did he need to know the architecture of the machine and now the programmer can programming independently. Also with Cobol, the Pascal Language developed.

Fourth Generation Programming Language

Programming of Fourth Generation has been made much simpler than Programming Language of Third Generation, Coding in it became more simple and in addition to this language, C, C ++ language developed which made it easier to programming.

So I hope you learned something from this post “What Is Computer Programming and What Is Computer Programming Language”. Did you like the post? please let me know in the comment section and share our post if you like it.

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