What Are Computer Fundamentals And Computer Fundamentals Notes

What Are Computer Fundamentals

In computer fundamentals, we will read further about the types of computers, their features, principles, advantages and disadvantages. Before taking the knowledge of computers, there is a need to understand this topic well because this will boost your knowledge and confidence.
What Are Computer Fundamentals And Computer Fundamentals Notes
What Are Computer Fundamentals And Computer Fundamentals Notes
A computer can be defined or described as a machine or device that can work with informations such as store, receive, and process data. The word computer is derived from the word “compute” which is a Latin word and was used for calculations. It can be defined more accurately as a programmable machine which can be used for some numerical calculations. For a few decades these machines or devices were used only for calculations, but nowadays they are widely and abundantly used in all sections of human society.

Computers of the modern era have become extremely powerful because computer scientists have discovered such methods that cause computers to finish all their work faster in less time than before. One of the best features of computers is the ability to save their data. Nowadays computers can store large amounts of data and information with them forever. Computers primarily store data in hard disk, which nowadays has become very cheap, affordable and easily available in the market.

In this era, the speed of computer has become so fast, which itself is amazing. A few years ago all the work or job manual had to be done, in which a lot of time was wasted, but with the use of modern computers, all the work gets disposed of in a short time, due to which the waste of time and money is negligible, which is untrustworthy. These days computer speed has increased dramatically, for which the computer IT sector is responsible especially hardware peripherals and devices that are so advanced that it is hard to believe. Computer speed mainly and mainly depends on some factors such as which type of motherboard you are using, processor speed and RAM.

Computer motherboard:- Computer motherboard is designed on a piece of PCB (Printed Circuit Board) called Printed Circuit Board. Connectors are found on the motherboard with the help of which you can connect other computer devices with the motherboard.

For example:- computer hard disk, power supply, RAM, processor etc.

Processor:- Processor is also called CPU (Central Processing Unit). It is also called heart of computer system. The processor is responsible for carrying out all the work of the computer. And in general language, RAM and processor are responsible for computer speed.

Example :: Intel, AMD

RAM:– RAM (Random Access Memory) which is a medium to temporarily store computer intrusions and data and it is Volatile Memory. They lose data when the power is off or the computer restarts.

However, the computer speed also depends on the RAM. You can install RAM more RAM to increase the speed of your computer, but first you have to find out if you can install more RAM in your computer and to know this you You can take the help of a computer technician or when you have purchased a computer, you will have got a manual book with which you can take help.

Example: Dynet, I-ball, Transcend

Hard Disk: Computer hard disk information and data is used to store it permanently. Now there is a very good quality hard disk available in the market, which can keep any information safe. And you can retrieve the data whenever you need it anywhere.

Basic Fundamental Functions of Computer

There are mainly four common functions of computer system – There are mainly four common functions of computer systems.

  1. Input
  2. Production
  3. Processing
  4. Storage

1. Input: The computer receives its data from the input device in the form of Raw Data and later makes it understandable and understandable with the help of other (PC) devices. The primary input devices of a computer system are

  • Keyboard
  • Mouse
  • Scanner
  • Trackball
  • Lightpen
  • Joystick

2. Output: The output device of a computer receives data from the system and converts it so that we can know and understand it better. Some common output devices are

  • Printer
  • Speaker
  • Monitor
  • Headphone
  • Projector

3. Processing: This is the main function of modern PC, when data is received from REM, it is provided to the processor for further processing so that we get the right output.

4. Storage:- Mainly PC has two storage units.
  • Primary Storage or Initial Storage:- Random Access Memory [RAM] is the primary storage unit of a computer
  • Secondary Storage or Subsidiary Base:- Hard disk drives and pen drives are called secondary storage units.

Different Types of Computers

Computer developments have reached new heights due to the vast improvements and advancements in modern technology, the basics of computers have been changed rapidly. They are classified into four different types according to their speed, size, capabilities, and cost.
  • Super Computer
  • Mainframe Computer
  • Mini Computer
  • Micro Computer
Super Computer:- These computers are the fastest and most expensive compared to others. They require huge space for their installation.
 Mainframe Computer:- These are not as fast as supercomputers and they require huge space for installation, they are very expensive.
Mini Computer:- They are smaller, and slower than super and mainframe computers
Micro Computer:- They are called Personal Computers.

Advantages of Computer

Nowadays computers are playing an important role in the development of human society which is ending the work in an easy and fast way, which you may not have thought of before. If you ask me what are the fundamental benefits of computers. I would say that if you want to play their role in studying students, you can get any information easily through computer and internet.
Using modern computers during study has changed the style and learning methods of the students, people do not have to waste their time in search of good coaching classes in their city, they prefer online study, where they get online certificate You can get quality education with it and even with video tutorials, you can gather good information and have a world sitting in your home. Over can obtain study materials.

Disadvantages Of Computer

There are many advantages of computers in the new era, but if not used carefully then the disadvantages are also considerable.
  • Spread of Pronography
  • Hate & violence related articles
  • Cyber ​​Crimes
  • Negative Effect on health
  • And Many More

Computer Software and Hardware

Software engineers or software programmers make computer software for which they take the help of special programming languages ​​such as [vb, java, php etc.]. If you are running a small or big business, then you will need software so that your work can be done in less time and faster. There are mainly two types of software:
  • System Software 
  • Application Software
System Software:- These softwares interact directly with the PC. The primary examples are operating systems and device drivers.
Application Software – These are also referred to as customized software that are developed for personal use or for customers to do certain tasks. Examples: Tally, MS Office, etc
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