How To Install WordPress In cPanel The Easiest Way

A new blogger once asks this question, how to install WordPress In cPanel? To start our blog, we need a blogging platform, like Blogger or WordPress.

How To Install WordPress In cPanel
How To Install WordPress In cPanel

The most popular is WordPress in the blogging world, it is a powerful blogging and website Content Management System tool. Today millions of blogs and websites are being made with the help of this. Hosting is also very important for our blog and website, in which we store all the files and data of our blog and website.

There are many companies on the Internet that provide web hosting facilities like Godaddy, Namecheap, Hostgator, Bluehost, etc. I used to host this website with Godaddy but Now I am trying Namecheap and trust me I think I made a good decision with this change. Anyways lets come to the topic. All the best web hosting companies allow WordPress to be installed in their hosting in a very easy way. Today most of the hosting companies offer cPanel and that’s the most powerful file manager I have ever seen. And Installing WordPress on Cpanel is very easy.

How To Install WordPress In cPanel?

How To Install WordPress In cPanel:- For new bloggers, it is very important to know How To Install WordPress In cPanel. Which things should be taken special care so that you do not have to face more difficulties in the future. So today in this article I have brought you a step by step guide, in which I will show you how to install WordPress on your hosting.

Here I have given a guide on how to install WordPress on hosting and you can try this on almost every hosting provider’s service. The Process is 90% the same on all the cPanels. As I said I am using Namecheap so I will take it as an example. Installing WordPress in Namecheap hosting is very simple and you can easily install a WordPress blog on your hosting by following this guide.

So let’s start now:-

When we buy hosting, we get login details such as userID and password to manage our hosting.

  1. Before installing wordpress you have to log in to cPanel in hosting and after that cPanel’s popup window will open on your screen.
  2. Here we get to see many options. First of all, you will see the option of “Softaculous Apps installer“, Just click on that and you will see a list of Apps. The first app is WordPress. Just open WordPress by clicking on it.
  3. After clicking on WordPress you will get an overview of it and you will see two options “Install now” and “my apps”. Click install now.
  4. After that, your WordPress blog install page will open where you will have to fill the details.
  5. The first section will be of “Software setup” in which 3 options will be present:
    • Choose Protocol – In this option, you have to decide what you want to add with the name of your blog and how you want to see the name of your blog. If your site has SSL, you can use https: // or https: // www. as a protocol. If you select https: //, it will be better because the shorter the name of your blog, the easier it will be for you to remember it and share it with others.
    • Choose Domain – If you have more than one domain, then you have to choose your domain name where you want to install WordPress. If there is only one domain, then you choose the name of that domain.
    • In Directory – In this option you can get to see by default wp or some other name, you can remove it and keep this option empty.
  6. After scrolling down a bit, you will find the “Site setting” section, there are also some options that you have to fill correctly.
    • Site Name – you can choose the name of your blog.
    • Site Description – In this, you can write about 4-5 words about your blog on which your blog is based. You can change the Site Name and Site Description after installing WordPress in cPanel.
  7. After Site Setting comes the section of Admin Account, which you have to pay special attention while filling and remember the details which will be useful for you later.
    • Admin Username – In this option you can give the username of your blog like “your name” or you can also give your email id.
    • Admin Password – Here you have to keep a strong password which is impossible for others to detect. And remember your password because it will be useful when you log in to the WordPress dashboard. If you cannot remember, then copy your password somewhere and keep it in a place where no one other than you can see it. I use a notepad do save my password.
    • Admin Email – Here you have to give the same email address from which you want to manage your WordPress. And keep in mind that you give the correct email address in it because WordPress may send a link to the notification and password on your given address, which you may need after installing it.

After this, all the options given are optional, you can fill them even after installation.

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8. Finally you will see the button of “install”, click on it. Now WordPress will start installing in your hosting. You will see a progress bar in which the installation status will be seen. It will take about 2-5 minutes to complete. Do not close the window until it is completely installed, otherwise your installation will not be completed.

Once installed, you will see a message of success on the screen that your WordPress has been installed and the domain name of your blog will be shown and along with that you will see another link which will take you to the admin area of ​​WordPress where you will see your username and You can log in and view your WordPress dashboard by entering a password.

So that is the answer to your question How To Install WordPress In cPanel. I hope it helped you. If you face any problem you always ask me on the comment box and I will try to help you. That’s all in this post. See you in the next one.

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