How To Earn Money From Blogging – 5 Best Ways

How To Earn Money From Blogging

How To Earn Money From Blogging: Hello In today’s article, we are going to tell you that how you can earn a good amount of money from your Blog.
How To Earn Money From Blogging - 5 Best Ways
How To Earn Money From Blogging – 5 Best Ways
How To Earn Money From Blogging
Today most of the new bloggers only think what they should do so that they can earn more and more money from their blog, so if you are thinking the same then today in the How To Earn Money From Blogging Post we will tell you about 5 tricks, by using them you can earn more from your blog.
But to do this, it is very important to have some qualifications in your blog, if this qualification is not in your blog, then you need to focus on improving them and then use all these methods.
Qualities for your blog
Normally a blog should have a lot of qualities but we will only talk about some important things here, without which you can not earn from your blog.
1. Topic
Topic is the most important thing for a blog, because according to this you get readers and ads etc, due to that your earning occurs.
Before deciding the Topic, you should also pay attention to some basic things like-
Do not create a blog on such topics, on which the competition is very high.
Select such topics from which you can also write articles about related products.
Your Topic should be Searchable so that you can get good traffic with Search Engine.
2. A Responsive Blog
You need to have a Responsive Blog, for which you can use Blogger or WordPress. Because both these platforms provide you the facility to create a Perfect Responsive Blog.
Now if you do not know how to create a blog on Blogger, you can easily search on the internet or just let me know in the comment box and I will create a post for that as well. By doing any of these you can easily learn to create your own blog.
3. Quality Content
Whatever content you upload on your blog, you should have information about it and also your content should be unique, you can not copy any post or even a pargraph of a post. Google and other search engines have all the tools to find it out. And not only these big companies, in today’s world anyone can check it with the tools. And I’ve heard google penalized those websites who copies something. I don’t know the truth of that tho, just heard from a big SEO expert. So Do Not Copy.
4. Traffic
The most important should be maximum traffic on your blog, for which you can use multiple articles, keywords etc. So that you can get good daily traffic from Social Media and Search Engine.
But keep in mind, google cares about organic traffic only. And fors organic traffic you need write good articles, there is no other way.
 5. Social Media Followers
You will have to create pages related to your blog on social media along with your blog and on those pages you will also have to gain more and more followers so that the Reputation of your blog on social media will be maintained.
When you have all these qualities on your blog, then you can use these 5 methods so that you can get maximum earning.

Best 5 Ways To Earn Money From Blogging

1. Advertising Network
Advertising Network is the best Source to earn from your blog, in which Google Adsense is most used. Apart from this, you can also get some other advertising networks from which you can earn good earning from your blog.
But the most reliable is Google Adsense, which is used by almost all bloggers. You can also earn money by putting Google Adsense’s ads on your blog.
If you do not know about Adsense Approval or you cannot get Adsense Approval, you can search on the internet on how to get adsense approval. But it’s not that easy. Some people gets it within 7 days of creating their blog while for some it can take years. You need to do everything right to get Adsense Approval.
2. Affiliate Marketing
The second most popular way to earn from blogs is Affiliate Marketing, in which you can join different companies and promote and sell their products on your blog, so that the company gives you commission according to your selling.
There are several good affiliate compines which will give you a big commission om your sales. You can start with Amazon to test these things.
3. Services
You can also provide different services through your blog like SEO Optimization, Online Tools or if you have knowledge of Coding then you can develop and sell them by developing themes etc.
For example: In Moz- Starting Moz was a website that used to provide content related to SEO, but now they also provide different tools through their website, in which if you want to use those tools, then you have to pay.
This is also a good option through which you can earn a lot of earning through your blog.
4. Sponsored / Paid Post
When you make your blog and it runs perfectly, then you can contact with different companies for promotion. In which you have to publish an article on their website for their product or website etc.
Similarly, some website owners also approach you to take backlink from your website, for which they pay you. In this way, you can also do your online earning through Sponsored / Paid Post.
5. Product
Now if you have a company or you manufacture any type of product, then you can promote your product through Blog and sell them worldwide, which makes your earning.
Today, most product companies develop their own websites and app so that they can promote and sell their products on the Internet.
In this way, you can also create a blog to sell Home Made Products, so that you can easily earn good earnings from your blog.
Ok so this is the end of this article. I hope you learn something from this and you like it. Well if I am right then please do a share with your friends and if you have something to say related to the post “How To Earn Money From Blogging – 5 Best Ways” you can always use my comment box. 

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