About Me

It was 2012 when I started blogging. Never got success in this field. But Never Left, Keep tried and still trying. Still, I do hard works but no one to see it. But trust me I never started blogging to be a famous face or earn a lot of money. You may think who starts blogging to earn nothing, right? But I did, and to prove this I have a story for you, My story.

It was 2012, I started a blog with free domain and hosting. I liked posting on that blog. Got a little success. I can call that a “little success” but others will laugh at that because I was having 100-200 visitors per day. I was really happy. I was thinking to buy a domain, but being a student I didn’t have that much money and at that time domains were costly as well. I asked my dad to give me some money and he gave. I bought a domain, A hosting and started working. Wrote 100 posts (I still have those posts written on a blog that no one visits). That was a tech blog. After writing 100+ posts I applied for Google Adsense, I was sure I can earn some money now, I can be a professional blogger and all, I had lots of dreams.

But all dreams were broken when I received an email saying, “Your Application Was Rejected, Thanks For Your Interest”.

I thought I will leave this now and will focus on my career, blogging is not for me because Google Just rejected me. Then I asked myself, did I came here to earn money?

The answer was “no” but I knew I need to earn money to live in this world. Blogging was my passion and love but “money” was forcing me to leave this. Time passed and 2013 came, time came to renew my domain and hosting.  I didn’t have the money to renew my products, they expired. I lost all 100+ posts. But I backed them up as a note pad txt. Then I found out I have my posts on my notepad but lost all my Images.  I was forced to leave blogging.

Then in 2014 In I bought a domain & hosting again, did all the hard work again.  Again I applied for Adsense and got rejected again.

After some time I applied on media.net and got rejected as well.

I knew I was doing something wrong but never found out what was my mistakes. I am still trying to find what is my mistake.

Then after trying for 9 long years I stopped posting on my tech website (PcTrikz.com) and bought 2 websites (HappyNewYearQuote.com and WishFestive.in) where I post Images, Shayaris and more.

Today I am 26 years old and I earn 0 amount of money just because of blogging.

I still don’t have Adsense approval on blogs and I still earn ZERO.

So now, Do you believe I do it for money?  I don’t think so. I can say I do it because I love it. And I don’t feel shame to share my Failure story. Everyone shares their success story but I don’t have that story to share,  so I share what I have 😎.

I lost many times, but never gave up.  Keep tried and still trying. Now let’s see how much I can stand. Can I get a success story with these 2 websites or just adds another failure story.

That’s all from me now. Hope you doing good.  And thanks for reading this. By the way do like the Images I make and share?

I don’t have a company to edit images and all. I do it all alone.  I Write Shayari, download copyright-free images and edit them to entertain you.

So please let me know you are liking it or not.  And If not. can you give me any suggestions about how I can improve this?  I would love to read any suggestions.

Ok ok enough for now. Bye-bye. Have a nice day.

Update On Sep 2019:- I deleted all the data In my tech website (PcTrikz.com) and recreated it with all new posts.